event planning services

To provide our customers with the highest quality tent equipment and event planning services available.

  To provide the most knowledgeable, professional,
creative and reliable service in the industry.
  To treat our customers with courtesy and respect and to ensure that their relationship with our company and our employees is an enjoyable experience.
  To provide services and equipment at a price that gives the customer fair value, while allowing the company to realize a reasonable profit.
  As a team and as individuals, we will always do what is "right". Doing the right thing isn't always easy. It is easy, however, to know whether or not a course of action is right. If we have to ask ourselves, " Is this right?" we already know the answer.
  We will be each other's staunchest allies. In a world filled with constant changes, our relationship with each other will be a constant we can count on. As members of this team, we will always support each other. We will never undermine a fellow team member, and we will not tolerate it of others.
  We will listen. We will listen to each other, our customers, and any other source of information and knowledge. We know that we must continue to learn. We believe that knowledge is power. We will learn as much about our profession, our industry, our company and their needs as possible. We will find out what our customers want, and we will give it to them.
  We will be accountable. Each one of us is accountable for our
own actions. When we commit to a course of action there will be consequences. We accept the consequences of our actions and inactions. We realize that we are not perfect. We will, however, strive for perfection at all times. When we err, we will admit our error and learn from it.
  We will treat everyone with respect. We will respect the dignity of each other, our customers, and everyone with whom we come in contact.

We will continue to strive for perfection. Each task we attempt will be measured against perfection. Even though it may seem impossible to achieve this goal, we will never give up trying. We will demand excellence from ourselves and from each other.